That’s what every Etsy seller dreams of saying one day. You know, the thing is, I really did like my day job. I did not work in a cubicle. I did not have mean, conformist coworkers.  For the most part I got to make my own hours, and I actually enjoyed what I did. So why would I quit, you might ask. Well, I was the Costume Shop Manager, and as nice as it was to have that title and power, after awhile you just feel “stuck”. There’s nowhere to go to after that except somewhere else. Or maybe it’s just my entrepreneurial spirit being set free.  Anyway, I have always been proud of my overactive imagination, and I feel like I have millions of ideas floating around in my head, of things to make, how to show off my skills, and new things to try – and now I have time to do them! But first, I gotta make some dough. Who is ready for their custom-made Halloween costume? Email me at stinigurl@gmail.com.