Long time, no see

Hey guys! Sorry it has been so long!!!!! Lots of crazy things have been happening. I hate that I left you hanging with the Dazzling Dozen, but don’t worry -it’s still gonna happen! Here’s an update of things you missed:

Mid-October: Accepted a gig as Costume Coordinator for A Christmas Carol (4th year running on this show, and I always forget how HUGE it is! My hubby jokes that it’s like having a baby, your memory just wipes out how painful it was. Not that I’ve ever had a baby, but I digress…)

November: A Christmas Carol started to consume my entire life, but somewhere in there I found time to sign a lease on some office space for, GASP!  A SHOP!!! I HAVE A SHOP! A PHYSICAL SHOP!!! WHERE I CAN SEW OUTSIDE MY HOUSE AND PEOPLE CAN STOP BY AND JUNK!!!

Side Note: You never know how much sewing crap you have until you have to move and organize it into a new space (which although the shop is in decent shape now, is still an ongoing process.)

December: I don’t think I have to explain this time-suck to anyone who celebrates Christmas. My contract for Christmas Carol ended mid-December, and it wasn’t until this time that I could really even think about Christmas. I think I had 4 out of 22 gifts purchased at this point, so as you can guess the rest of December went by in a blur.

January: Have managed to get the shop to a state that makes it hospitable to guests, although it could still use some work. My shop is in the upstairs of a building in a historical small downtown area, and it has been fun introducing myself to other shop owners on the street. I had a delightful surprise of finding a fabric store (yeah, don’t know how I missed that before moving in) on the street on my birthday. The very next day she sent over someone to me from a theatre who needed a bullet bra. Yay! Local business! So here’s hoping I have started the ball rolling enough that I can make my rent payment. Anybody need any custom clothing?

Of course, slideshow tour:

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