Sketch -Barcelona Balcony Plus Size

I've been wondering what the Barcelona Balcony would look like once translated into a plus size. I drew a croquis/sketch of myself then drew the dress on top. Now I'm even more excited to finish it!

I’ve been wondering what the Barcelona Balcony would look like once translated into a plus size. I drew a croquis/sketch of myself then drew the dress on top. Now I’m even more excited to finish it!



Marfy 2014-2015

I just ordered the Marfy 2014/15 catalog!!! It comes with 20 free patterns, which was just too tempting to pass up, considering just one of their patterns can cost around $15.

I’ve never sewn anything from a Marfy pattern before, but I have at least heard of them. A friend mentioned them to me when I was CONSIDERING making my wedding dress. Very glad I didn’t go that route, as there were just too many other things going on. McCalls now sells Marfy patterns through their website here.

After reading their description, I have decided that Marfy patterns are the most hard-core of all the patterns. They are designed by hand in Italy, are pre-cut with no seam allowances, and do not include a pattern layout or instructions. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! I can’t wait to try one out!

Here are the free patterns that will be included with my catalog purchase. Which one would you try first?

marfy 1 marfy 2 marfy 3


Happy Sewing!


Wardrobe Architect

Hi Everyone!

It’s snowing outside, and thus I currently find myself with some down time. I had to leave my shop early and go home so I wouldn’t be snowed in. No sewing = more time to blog!

I just came across a brilliant concept via the blog “Coletterie“, called “Wardrobe Architect“. I have hyperlinked both of those for you to investigate on your own, but in a nutshell, the Coletterie will be blogging weekly with some helpful guidelines for sewing to enhance your wardrobe. It is all too easy to only sew pretty dresses…*guilty. These helpful hints are to help you become more aware of creating items that will build your wardrobe, and hopefully reduce unnecessary garment purchases that you pick up on impulse, or because it’s on sale, when it may not be something you will ever wear because of the quality or fit. Instead, focus your sewing energy into creating garments that have flexibility in your wardrobe, and that you love to wear, and most of all that reflect you and your sense of style.

I have to say I have thought about this probably hundreds of times in the past couple of years, but never really knew how to go about it. If I could whittle down my wardrobe to what would actual fit into my closet (ha!), and know that all of these pieces are ones that I am comfortable in, fit my style, and *shock*, I actually WEAR, it would make me insanely happy. Not to mention it would take me way less time to get dressed every morning.

Wish me luck! And happy sewing!


The Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge -Complete!

TSWR collageThe Facts

Fabric: Organic cotton. Print is Robot Factory by Caleb Gray, Circuit Board in Rust. I purchased from

Notions: 2 white buttons, and an invisible zippper

Pantone Challenge colors: Koi and Samba

Pattern: I created the pattern using the software Pattern Master Boutique, but it is based on this vintage pattern, McCall’s 6324 (I used the original pocket pattern.)

photo (10)

Year: 1960’s (1963?, I will have to go back and check.)

Time to complete: From the time the pattern was corrected, approx 5 1/2 hours over two days.

First worn: Just for photos so far.

Wear again? There a couple of minor things I would like to fix, but yes, definitely! I would love to wear it the next time I set up at a craft show!

Total Cost:  I originally bought 4 yards of the fabric (almost a year ago!) for $32 (I still have approx 1.5 yards left), and $2 for the buttons. I already had the zipper. Total: approx $34

TSW Challenge – 24 Days Left

In the words of the great Bart Simspon, “Hay caramba!” I finally found the circuit printed fabric. After checking all THIRTEEN (yes, I counted) boxes of my fabric stash, it was in the bottom of the very last one. Figures, right? Well I took the circuit fabric along with the denim fabric outside into the daylight to see how the colors looked. So the red denim I mentioned earlier…..definitely PINK! So why did I think it was red? Well I must admit the light was out in my lamp, I have since replaced it, but I should have known better than to be judging color in dim lighting. The denim might actually be close to the Vivacious. See photo:

photo (9)

So, I decided I still want to use the circuit fabric, but will NOT be making a jacket. It may have been biting off more than I can chew for my first challenge ever anyway. The jacket I had in mind was very modern, so my first rummage through, I only looked at my modern patterns for the dress I wanted to make. This was also in part because I didn’t think I would feel like trying to size up the itty bitty vintage patterns.  I decided to sift through all of my dress patterns, (including the vintage ones) before I fully committed to the dress from my previous post.  I found a lovely one from the 1960s that I think will look great. 1962 to be exact. McCall’s 6324. I have decided that this one is absolutely the one I want to do for the challenge. I already found some white buttons while I was at Jo-Ann the other day, and I think they will be perfect.

photo (10)

I’m thinking that I might just recreate this pattern using my pattern software, instead of trying to size up this vintage pattern to a plus size for myself. We’ll see. Circuit fabric is being pre-washed right now!

TSW Challenge -26 Days Left

OK! I think I have decided what to do for the Pantone Fall color challenge. I still haven’t found that circuit fabric, but I know it’s around here somewhere.  From the stock photo, the orange isn’t quite “koi”, but it will have to do. I’m hoping to do this with no money out of my pocket -just using stuff from my stash. Although I’m sure I will have to buy a couple of zippers to match. I’ve decided to go with a dress and a jacket – I hope there’s enough time for both!

Here is the dress, it’s McCall’s M6503, and I’m thinking View D.


I was delightfully surprised to see that I had a red denim in my stash that I think is really close to the samba. I’m not sure yet how it matches up to the circuit fabric yet though so I may be re-thinking it later. We’ll see. The jacket pattern I want to use is Simplicity 2056. It’s a “Suede Says”, which I have never used before. If I do go with this denim, I want to do View B. Have any of you out there ever made anything from either of these patterns? If so, what did you think?