The Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge -Complete!

TSWR collageThe Facts

Fabric: Organic cotton. Print is Robot Factory by Caleb Gray, Circuit Board in Rust. I purchased from

Notions: 2 white buttons, and an invisible zippper

Pantone Challenge colors: Koi and Samba

Pattern: I created the pattern using the software Pattern Master Boutique, but it is based on this vintage pattern, McCall’s 6324 (I used the original pocket pattern.)

photo (10)

Year: 1960’s (1963?, I will have to go back and check.)

Time to complete: From the time the pattern was corrected, approx 5 1/2 hours over two days.

First worn: Just for photos so far.

Wear again? There a couple of minor things I would like to fix, but yes, definitely! I would love to wear it the next time I set up at a craft show!

Total Cost:  I originally bought 4 yards of the fabric (almost a year ago!) for $32 (I still have approx 1.5 yards left), and $2 for the buttons. I already had the zipper. Total: approx $34


TSW Challenge – 24 Days Left

In the words of the great Bart Simspon, “Hay caramba!” I finally found the circuit printed fabric. After checking all THIRTEEN (yes, I counted) boxes of my fabric stash, it was in the bottom of the very last one. Figures, right? Well I took the circuit fabric along with the denim fabric outside into the daylight to see how the colors looked. So the red denim I mentioned earlier…..definitely PINK! So why did I think it was red? Well I must admit the light was out in my lamp, I have since replaced it, but I should have known better than to be judging color in dim lighting. The denim might actually be close to the Vivacious. See photo:

photo (9)

So, I decided I still want to use the circuit fabric, but will NOT be making a jacket. It may have been biting off more than I can chew for my first challenge ever anyway. The jacket I had in mind was very modern, so my first rummage through, I only looked at my modern patterns for the dress I wanted to make. This was also in part because I didn’t think I would feel like trying to size up the itty bitty vintage patterns.  I decided to sift through all of my dress patterns, (including the vintage ones) before I fully committed to the dress from my previous post.  I found a lovely one from the 1960s that I think will look great. 1962 to be exact. McCall’s 6324. I have decided that this one is absolutely the one I want to do for the challenge. I already found some white buttons while I was at Jo-Ann the other day, and I think they will be perfect.

photo (10)

I’m thinking that I might just recreate this pattern using my pattern software, instead of trying to size up this vintage pattern to a plus size for myself. We’ll see. Circuit fabric is being pre-washed right now!

Long Time, No See

Sorry (to my possibly 1 reader, lol) that I have been gone for so long, but I just recently got my Etsy store up and going with lots of new customers, yay! So now it is time to pick up the good ol’e blog as well. Here is my most recently completed Etsy order. I think it turned out beautifully.  This customer wanted a vintage-inspired dress to wear to her boyfriend’s car show. She just received the dress on Friday, and gave me a glowing review!

“Hi Stini,
I received the dress today and it is perfect! Thank you so much. I really admire your talent as a dressmaker, as it is beautifully finished!
I will really enjoy wearing it, and I’ll be back”

Fabric Finds

I have acquired an amazing, eclectic collection of fabrics at work.  Oh how I wish some of this fabrics could come home with me to make some quirky bags, but alas they have a higher purpose.  I’m currently in the process of making seat covers at work. One cover per row of seats in the theater  for the first 4 or so rows.  I think it totals to be about 16 covers in all ranging in sizes from 5 seats long to, well really, really, really long.  The picture above shows the smallest size cover in a lovely equestrian fabric.

The photo in the top right corner is what I like to call my “Woodland Creatures” fabric.  This one I did have the privilege to bring home, as I found it at one of my favorite little fabric shops.   Although I don’t think you can see them in the pic, it includes deer, sheep?, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, butterflies, frogs, and I swear I saw a snail hidden in it somewhere when I was sewing a strap, but during a closer look it may have been the toe of a frog.  Regardless, I think this has been my best Fabric Find to date! I made two large tote bags out of it that sold very quickly at the Indie Market, so rest assured you will see much more of it in the future.  -S

Future Project


I just came across this AMAZING Alice in Wonderland fabric on Spoonflower. I am dying to make a dress out of it. This is definitely going on my list of future projects. I’m thinking a sleeveless dress with a full skirt to utilize the border print. I think the bodice would be a solid blue, and maybe a black belt/sash. Would slightly puffy sleeves be too “Alice”? -S