Wardrobe Architect

Hi Everyone!

It’s snowing outside, and thus I currently find myself with some down time. I had to leave my shop early and go home so I wouldn’t be snowed in. No sewing = more time to blog!

I just came across a brilliant concept via the blog “Coletterie“, called “Wardrobe Architect“. I have hyperlinked both of those for you to investigate on your own, but in a nutshell, the Coletterie will be blogging weekly with some helpful guidelines for sewing to enhance your wardrobe. It is all too easy to only sew pretty dresses…*guilty. These helpful hints are to help you become more aware of creating items that will build your wardrobe, and hopefully reduce unnecessary garment purchases that you pick up on impulse, or because it’s on sale, when it may not be something you will ever wear because of the quality or fit. Instead, focus your sewing energy into creating garments that have flexibility in your wardrobe, and that you love to wear, and most of all that reflect you and your sense of style.

I have to say I have thought about this probably hundreds of times in the past couple of years, but never really knew how to go about it. If I could whittle down my wardrobe to what would actual fit into my closet (ha!), and know that all of these pieces are ones that I am comfortable in, fit my style, and *shock*, I actually WEAR, it would make me insanely happy. Not to mention it would take me way less time to get dressed every morning.

Wish me luck! And happy sewing!



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