I’m hoping that some of you out there who are checking out my blog for the first time. Yes, you! Are coming here to see some examples of my work. Well besides looking here or here, I’m going to give you the links to some video as well. Costumes in action!

Beautiful 1950’s red dress with lace bolero -right at the beginning!

The fuchsia and green beauties in this one (That’s real silk charmeuse!)

Ethel Waters formal gown (more silk charmeuse!) at 1:52 and 2:28

A 3-tiered velvet cape at 2:00 and 2:24, best shot at 4;39, although it’s quick.

I just realized I don’t have anything on this blog from My Fair Lady, but that is a whole post unto itself!


And I leave you with this one! Bumping and grinding Marie Antoinette style. I was the draper during this time, and we made EVERYTHING in this show! Take a look:


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