Christmas Challenge 2012

Now that I have said it out loud to several people, I feel comfortable sharing my Christmas challenge with all my blog readers out there.

For this holiday season, I am challenging myself to a thrifted/handmade Christmas. Here are my rules:

1) Nothing may be purchased brand new from a store.

Exception: supplies for making things from scratch (i.e. magnets, fabric, frames, baking ingredients, etc.)

2) Items handmade by others are accepted. I DO NOT have time to make my estimated 15-ish gifts completely from scratch, entirely by myself. Makes me tired just to think about it. As someone who sells handmade goods, I have an great appreciation for others who sell their handmade items, and I enjoy supporting other artists out there, especially when I find someone locally.

3) Thrifted and/or vintage items purchased from a store is accepted. I just don’t want to purchase anything that is mass produced. I want to make use of things that are already existing in the world, instead of encouraging the mass production of brand new items.

4) No popsicle sticks. This is my cute way of saying that just because it is homemade, doesn’t mean it should look homemade. I want every gift I give to look nice. This means that if something is thrifted, I want to take the extra time to clean it up, or give it a new coat of paint, so that it can be all ready for its new re-purposed life.

5) Food counts! In our fast-paced world, (and I am going to preface this with “I am totally guilty!!!) it has become too rare to enjoy home baked goodies. I especially think baked goods are a great gift for those people who are hard to shop for. Cooking is a subcategory of handmade, right? I think as long as it is not cookies from a tube of store-bought cookie dough, that this can be included.

Due to the fact that I still want these gifts to be a surprise on Christmas Day, I will be writing posts about them as drafts, and then post them publicly after Christmas. In the meantime, if I run across any great ideas that I am not going to use, I will be sure to share them with you!

Do any of you out there have any sort of challenges or goals for the holidays?


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