Vintage Apron

This order was finished in record time for Stini’s Sewing Shop. I had someone request to have this apron in time for Christmas, and I had it finished in 6 days. (The apron itself only took about 6 hours, but I didn’t start until about the third day in, and I didn’t do it all in one sitting.) This was based off of a vintage apron pattern that I actually bought at a flea market. I think I bought it along with quite a few other vintage apron patterns for $10. Considering they sometimes sell for about that much EACH, I think I got a good deal. The original apron pattern is in great shape, and I am estimating it to be from the 40s. The pattern pieces were not printed, but it was obvious which piece was which, so no huge troubles from that stand point. It was a mail-order pattern, and in size Medium. I upped it to a size XL, and changed the shoulder straps so there would be nothing around the wearer’s neck, as requested. It is also fully lined, which is the best way to finish off those scallops anyway, in my opinion. I think it is absolutely adorable. If I ever cooked, I would want one for myself, but alas I think sewing is the only domestic thing I do on a regular basis. And maybe laundry.

Enjoy the slideshow! That is my friend and fellow stitcher, Kathleen, modeling the apron in one of the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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