Dial “M” for Marvelous

8/19/13 Here is a link to a video clip, where you can see the red dress and bolero I made in action!  Right at the beginning too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l00Vw36zGJU

10/23/11 UPDATE: I have now added some photos of the finished dress into the slideshow.

9/10/11 UPDATE: Just celebrated Opening Night for “Dial M” on Friday. The red dress was breathtaking – I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Kathleen L. created a much more full petticoat for this look, which gave the dress an excellent 50’s shape. We created the bolero out of lace. Unfortunately we had to nix the fold-over collar, because the wrong side of the lace was not as pretty to look at. Facing the collar would have added bulk, and lining the bolero would lose the look of the sheer lace. The end result was a round neckline, that still turned out quite lovely.  The lace had a beautiful scalloped edging that I cut out and hand stitched to every edge of the bolero. I added a photo of the dress right before the final fitting to the slideshow. Photo of the finished dress coming soon!

8/4/11 Working on a mock-up for our production of “Dial ‘M’ for Murder. It is for a beautiful formal 1950’s dress with a full skirt, and a bolero. It still needs some work to fix that pointy bit on the collar of the bolero, but so far so good! This mock-up was patterned by yours truly, and stitched by Kathleen L.

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2 thoughts on “Dial “M” for Marvelous

  1. Saw rhis in your temporary workspace while taking a tour of the building at the Meet and Greet Your Seat on Sunday. Looks fantastic!

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