“Roxie” Dress in green

The “Roxie” dress is probably the most popular dress at Stini’s Sewing Shop. It seems like it is added as someone’s favorite nearly once a week, and I have had three orders for it so far, and possibly another one soon! I have quite a few other ’60s style dresses in my shop, but none have gotten nearly the same attention as the “Roxie”.  Is it the understated mod a-line style that still holds a modern appeal? Is it the cool notched collar detail? Whatever it is, as long as people want it, I will continue to make it.  I have adapted the pattern to add a lining if desired, which is a little tricky, but worked out beautifully in this version. I wish I had taken a  picture of the inside! The lining fabric was a fuschia base with a dark green/golden paisley pattern. My next “Roxie” is going to be a bright pink with white buttons -so different from this one! I can’t wait to see it come together; pictures will follow.

Here is a link to purchase the “Roxie” dress: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77141097/1960s-mod-dress-in-your-custom-size   It is $75 to add a  lining.


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