Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Lots of stuff going on in the non-sewing part of my life with wedding planning, and T being sick with mono…yuck!

Under Construction: Glass Menagerie

Concept  has changed since the last post. Now all the costumes are in 1930s style and entirely in white.  If you have ever sewn anything white, you know there is much more to worry about than that it will show dirt. 

1) 99.9% of the time it is SEE-THROUGH! should it have a lining? Will a slip be worn under it? And in the case of theatre, even if it looks opaque, will we have x-ray vision once the lights hit the costume?

2) Finishing the Seams: This is sort of an addendum to SEE-THROUGH. Because you can see through the fabric, seams that are usually never given a second thought can become glaringly obvious. It is definitely a good idea to do a few seam samples. Can the overlock stitching be seen through the fabric? Should there be french seams? (Not a good idea if you think it may have to be altered, but not a bad idea if you are making something for yourself and you know that it fits perfectly.)

3) Marking Your Stitch Lines: If you are not careful with the tracing paper/pencil/marking tool of your choice, your stitching lines will show through to the right side…SEWING FAIL! So be sure to test out your marking tools on scraps of your fabric.  My favorite is the Invisible Marker/Pen that fades after 24 hrs or can come out immediately if sprayed with water.  NOTE: With any disappearing ink product, make sure it is completely out before you press it with an iron, or it may not come out.  Also, sometimes your handy-dandy household #2 pencil (not heavy-handed, of course) can do the trick for marking white fabric.

And now, pics! Mock-up for Laura’s first look that she will wear for most of the show.


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