Heart of Glass

And so a new season is about to begin.  The first show up to bat is Glass Menagerie.  Although it is still in its

preliminary design stages, it promises to be very visually appealing.  Imagine giant “shards of glass” (actually plexiglass) as set pieces, with images projected on them.  It will look as much like an art installation as a theatrical production. I can’t wait! The whole show is viewed as a memory of the past.  Instead of a crystal clear, crisp image, it is slightly blurred. As far as costumes are concerned, the current concept is that Laura’s dress is not one dress in particular, but has different elements of several different dresses she may have worn around the same time.  From a technical aspect, it is a bit tricky. As if a dress with one set of sleeves and a collar isn’t difficult enough, this one has two, in addition to a multitude of different pocket styles.  I find it very intriguing and challenging, so we will see if this concept stays. Here are pics of the sketch, as well as close-ups of different reference dresses, and my mock-up thus far.



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