Simplicity 2644

So, I am currently attempting Simplicity 2644. I am doing the view in the photograph on the right.  It will be my first attempt at one of the Project Runway patterns, and I think it will look really nice should I ever actually finish it. I have to say I minorly dislike the fact that each element of the design has its own yardage, because it requires a quite a bit of fraction math if you intend (as I did) to make the whole dress out of only one fabric. 

As far as construction goes, my first major struggle was just getting through the assembly of the bodice. The “twisted sleeve” looks cool, but requires some twisting of your brain as well.  If it weren’t already set in so well and permanently at this point, I might have just reconsidered to make the dress sleeveless. I don’t know if the size pattern I cut out just assumes I have beefy shoulders/arms or if I’m just built different, but I had to move the sleeve  about 1 1/2″ farther in toward the shoulder, and take away a bit of the fullness. (It was wanting to “puff” a little too much and stand away from my arm, so I adjusted it for more of a snug fit.) I also, took it in a bit at the shoulder seams which I think is going to become a regular thing between me and purchased patterns.  I blame my bad posture growing up. 

So with all the alterations/steps involved in the bodice, it was a struggle just to keep moving forward on it.  I have to admit I took a break from it to stitch together the skirt pieces because it was so much easier to stitch some long straight lines for a change.  It looks as if all I have left now is attaching the skirt to the bodice and inserting the zipper.  Of course I chose to do an invisible zipper, because at the point of purchase I thought it would look so much nicer in the end, now I almost wished I had picked the easier option.  Oh well, wish me luck! -S


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